Being Prepared for Sports Injuries and Falls

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It’s summertime and our kids are ready to have fun! For many kids, this means playing sports and swimming outside. (Don’t forget the sunscreen!) Part of being prepared for playing a game means having the right equipment. This includes protecting your shins, skin, eyes, and of course, your teeth. Using a mouth guard is a simple but highly important way to protect both baby and permanent teeth from damage. A mouth guard should be worn while playing any game where there’s a chance your child could be hit in the face with an object or body part. This includes basketball, baseball/softball, football, lacrosse, hockey, and more. Dr. Ruelf makes custom mouth guards for kids and teens, even if they don’t have all of their permanent teeth in yet, and can give your family advice based on your child’s dental development.

If your child does experience trauma to his or her face, don’t forget to check their teeth and lips! Chipped teeth, teeth moved or knocked loose or out by trauma, and blows to the jaw that result in pain around the jaw joint or ears are dental emergencies. If your child is currently experiencing an emergency, call Dr. Ruelf’s office immediately at 813-264-6000.

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