Why are regular dental appointments still important while wearing braces?

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Some of the major reasons why continuing with your regular dental appointments is important while wearing braces include:

1) Removing plaque and tartar buildup

Wearing braces creates more niches where food particles and the bacteria that cause cavities can hide.  Eventually, these hidden and uncleaned areas have the potential to cause cavities  in the same way that not brushing and flossing does.  Therefore, it is important to have your teeth professionally cleaned to ensure that all the plaque and tartar potentially forming in these hidden areas is properly removed.  Even with Invisalign therapy or clear aligner treatment, maintaining regular cleanings is very important when undergoing orthodontics.

2) Protecting your teeth from decalcification

Decalcification is a potentially serious condition in which white spots on your tooth surfaces can lead to cavities.  The best way to prevent decalcification is to avoid sugary sweets and acidic foods and to maintain good oral hygiene practices.  Left unchecked, patients face an increased potential for decalcification while wearing orthodontic appliances due to a decreased ability to fully cleanse the surfaces of the teeth.

3) Avoiding prolonged treatment

If you are interested in completing your orthodontic treatment with minimal delays and complications, it is important you visit Dr. Mike or your orthodontist every six months or as recommended.

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