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Meet Dr. Ruelf

Michael J. Ruelf was born and raised in Tampa Bay. After graduating from Dixie Hollins High school in St. Petersburg, he attended Emory University and received a BA in Chemistry. Dr. Ruelf completed Emory Dental School and enlisted in the U.S Navy. He worked as a dentist for 3 years in Millington, TN where he was stationed. As a post-graduate, he studied Pediatric Dentistry at LSU in New Orleans, Louisiana. Dr. Ruelf is Board Certified in Pediatric Dentistry.

Dr. Ruelf gives back to his community in numerous ways. He extends his pediatric dentist practice to RCMA and state-funded health programs for children who may not have had the opportunity to receive pediatric dental healthcare. He has participated in several mission trips. Throughout the years he has provided Pediatric Dental Health Education to local childcare facilities, elementary schools and hospital-based family programs. Dr. Ruelf is also a proud supporter of youth sports and athletic organizations.

Our Practice Philosophy

It is our mission to form positive experiences with every child by creating comfortable and fun appointments that kids want to come back for. We understand that early interactions at the dentist can shape a child’s mindset which can carry through adulthood. As parents, we understand that each child is unique. Our team focuses on providing individualized care to our patients and emphasizes dental education as the key to preventing oral disease.


Meet Our Staff

I have been a dental assistant for almost eight years and thoroughly enjoy it every day. There are a lot of things I am passionate about but topping that list is no doubt my family. My other interests include playing with my dog, eating delicious food, traveling, taking pictures, and learning new things.
Born and raised here in Florida, I have been a dental assistant for 4 years. While spending time with my daughter and family tops my list of favorites, I also enjoy traveling, cooking, listening to music, anything automotive, and watching football/basketball games...Go FSU!!
Our dental practice is ideally suited for children because it is a fun, relaxed, and attentive environment. With an arcade parlor, toys/games, media entertainment, circling trains above, a playroom, its easy for kids to have a good time here. Keeping your child happy and calm during their dental appointment is so important not only for the success of current treatment, but in maintaining a positive outlook for future appointments.
With 25 years of experience in pediatric dentistry, I have watched patients fully grow up, to eventually return to our practice with children of their own. We look forward to welcoming you in person to our dental home. When not in the office, you might catch me hanging out with family, biking, or secretly enjoying some ice cream.
Since my position is within the front desk, I will be one of your main points of contact and reception here at the office. You can contact our office at where can i buy Premarin, by email at, or by requesting an appointment order Premarin from canada. After work, you'll likely find me spending time with family, singing, dancing or exercising.
I have worked in the dental practice for 12 years, often switching between back office and front office functions. I enjoy developing relationships with patients and their family. Outside work, I enjoy spending time with family, taking my son to Disney world, traveling, boating, crafting, and dancing.
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