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Though learning how to brush and floss with braces takes a little getting used to, following this simple guide should have you on the right track quickly. Brushing with Braces Picking the right brush is the first step in ensuring proper brushing with braces.  For manual toothbrushes, Dr. Mike recommends using either manual and electronic […]

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Once braces are removed, it is critical that patients use a retainer to ensure that their straightened teeth maintain their new position.  Without the proper use of an orthodontic retainer following treatment, it should be expected that the teeth will shift back (to varying degrees) to their original (pre-treatment) positions.  As such, it’s very important […]

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When to Begin Orthodontic Treatment  It is important to first understand that there are a variety of equally well-founded, professional opinions regarding when orthodontic treatment should begin.  Nonetheless, as a general rule of thumb, braces are typically not placed until the pediatric patient has: 1) Lost all their primary (or baby) teeth; and 2) The […]

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