The best foods for kids in braces

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When a child gets new braces, it’s a big adjustment, that involves not only getting used to what their new mouth feels like, but also changing their diet. Foods that are too crunchy or sticky can break off brackets or damage wires, as can biting straight into hard foods. These foods are also harder to […]

Orthodontic Emergencies

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With spring break times drawing to a close, it won’t be long before the kids are out for summer.  And for many families, that means one thing: vacation time!  When planning for your family vacation, we would like to remind our families of patients with braces what to do to best prepare for any potential […]

Orthodontic Care: How Do I Brush and Floss With Braces?

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Though learning how to brush and floss with braces takes a little getting used to, following this simple guide should have you on the right track quickly. Brushing with Braces Picking the right brush is the first step in ensuring proper brushing with braces.  For manual toothbrushes, Dr. Mike recommends using either manual and electronic […]

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