Don’t Ignore Lost Baby Teeth!

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Baby teeth are not only useful for eating and talking, they also serve as guides for permanent teeth. Baby teeth are vital to a child’s future dental health and can help permanent teeth to grow in properly. If a baby tooth comes out prematurely, adjacent teeth may try to move into the space left by […]

Are my child’s teeth coming in at the right time?

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Parents of new babies have a lot to keep track of to make sure their child is healthy and happy. Oral health is part of this process. Primary or baby teeth start forming shortly after a child has been born and will first appear typically between 6 months and 10 months of age. These primary […]

Why Your Child Should See a Pediatric Dentist

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Many people may not realize that there is a difference between general dentists and pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentists have completed dental school and then undertaken an additional 2-3 years of training specifically in treating children. This includes not only clinical pediatric training, but child psychology as well to enable the most effective communication with children. […]

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