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Another method of behavioral management commonly used by pediatric dentists is known as the distraction technique.  This technique distracts a child from something they may feel uncomfortable with while refocusing their attention on a more positive and competing sensory experience.  One example of this technique that is often used is when administering injections for dental […]

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It is well understood that dental anxieties and phobias in adults result in the avoidance of dental care.  Furthermore, it is often the case that dental fears in adults are caused by unaddressed fears or instilled traumas associated with dental care in children.   Pediatric dentists receive specialty training in a variety of psychotherapeutic interventions to help […]

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Adhering to these basic recommendations and forming good habits early on is the best means of avoiding cavities.  Use the following tips to help ensure proper oral health throughout childhood and beyond. Eat a Healthy and Well Balanced Diet Eating nutritious and balanced meals while limiting unhealthy snacks, is one important key to both good […]

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To better understand why dental sealants are an effective treatment in the prevention of cavities, it is important to begin with a brief explanation regarding the causes of cavities (dental caries and tooth decay are other commonly used terms). The process of cavity formation can be broken into the following simple steps: 1) Bacteria in […]

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